Ilustrator Rysownik – Malwina Kuna Mieczkowska




Welcome to my website, where you can browse my portfolio of graphics, illustrations and drawings.

My name is Malwina Mieczkowska. Illustration is my greatest passion - it is what gives me the opportunity to create and immerse myself in new, uncharted worlds. My story is a simple one - one day I decided to become happy, and turned my long-standing hobby into a job!

I use analogue illustration as a starting point towards digital graphics. I create my illustrations with ink or pencil, and then transpose them onto the world of digital graphics.

Colours and characters are usually placed in diverse settings, so that the resulting

illustrations can naturally complement the text, and my client’s vision.

I never forget about my passion. I create illustrations, drawings and graphics based on my own conceptions, so as to give myself as much space for creative self-development as possible, and so that my ideas can come alive on paper in their most remarkable forms. My only limits are the limits of my own imagination, which continues to expand with each year of observation of my closest environment, the world of nature and that of the fairy tales, as well as every single visible and invisible form. Every day I expect the unexpected - this is both my passion and my job. I search, I wander with my pencil and ink, and create Kuna’s worlds, lured by the world without boundaries.

I live in Gdynia, which, thanks to the ever expanding reach of the Internet, allows me to work remotely for clients from all corners of the world, if not the universe!

I invite you to familiarise yourself with my portfolio, accessible here  PORTFOLIO. I will be delighted to create your dream illustration, poster, internet graphic or a portrait. Please contact me here CONTACT if you have any questions.

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